Captured calibration images (dot pattern)

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Corresponding files contains same number in file name.
    images captured by Xtion mounted on the second arm and corresponding robot position in joint coordinates
    position of the dots (calibration target)
    Format of each line in the CSV file (delimiter is tab) is :
    ROW is row in the dot matrix
    COL is column in the dot matrix
    X is row in the image (counting from 0 from the top)
    Y is column in the image (counting from 0 from right)
    AREA is area of the dot [pixels squared]
    Calibration target contains three larger dots (forming char 'L') the position of these dots in calibration target is:
    larger arm: [2,0]
    center: [0,0]
    smaller arm: [0,1]
    csv files containing Cartesian position of the link where Xtion is mounted with respect to the base link of the arm ("r2_link_1" in model)
    Format of the csv file:
    where 'pos_i' mean position of the link and 'rot_i' mean rotation (quaternion)  
  • dot2img.m
    simple matlab script used to plot detected points ( into images (

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