User documentation

Captured calibration images (dot pattern)

11/29/2012 12:20

Corresponding files contains same number in file name.
    images captured by Xtion mounted on the second arm and corresponding robot position in joint coordinates
    position of the dots (calibration target)

Feedback Position and Speed Measurement

11/16/2012 17:00

Experiment description

Simple task which reads time, position, speed and play status from the
controller and prints it on the standard output. The position and speed data are
read from robot 1 only. The data were collected during simple move of the first

Calibration of Robots within CloPeMa Project

01/31/2013 11:14

This document describes the procedure and background of the mechanical calibration of the CloPeMa robot.

Technical documentation

Mechanical calibration

04/22/2013 18:09

  • Result of the experiment 3, corrected
    Differences between CAD model and calibrated model are stored in archive
    Differences were computed as follows:
    Generate poses in the workspace uniformly
    Compute IKT using CAD model
    Compute DKT using calibrated model