How to add new git repository

To add new repository You must be a member of manager group, if you are not ask someone who is or ask your LDAP administrator to add you to this group.

Adding new repository (for members of manager group)

  • Clone gitolite-admin repository.
    git clone
    cd gitolite-admin
  • Open conf/gitolite.conf in favorite editor.
  • Add entry similar to others
    repo repo_name          # The name should follow naming convention i.e. "clopema_name" for ROS packages.
        RW+  = @manager     # Managers can do everything.
        RW+  = @developer   # Developers can read and edit. (the + means that they can use "git push --force")
        R    = @all         # Every one can read.
        R    = gitweb       # Include only if you want the repository to appear on gitweb ( page. 
  • Add and commit changes.
    $ git commit -a
  • Push changes to the remote repository.
    $ git push origin master