Additional Robot Parts

Several components have been designed to mount devices and cables on the robot. The whole drawing in PDF format can be downloaded in ZIP package (

The workplace can be found in file "00 Assembly\12010_00_02_Workplace.pdf".
The basic station assembly can be found in file "F Robot\12010_F_00_Station.pdf".
The basic robot assembly can be found in file "F Robot\12010_F_00_Robot.pdf".

For the other drawings and details follow the components described in the assembly drawings.

Please note, as the testbed is still under the construction some of the drawings can be changed during the future work. For the same reason, some drawings are still missing in the ZIP package and they are going to be included when they are available.

There is a presentation of the robot assembly in file (Robot_assembly_presentation_v1.0.pdf). Please note, that the presentation is still under construction and it is going to be adjusted further.

A new version of some robot components have been created:
  • 12010_00_04_Robot.pdf
  • 12010_B_00_Stereo_head_holder _02.pdf
  • 12010_H_01_Caliber_H1
  • 12010_H_01_Caliber_H1_colour
  • 12010_F_00_01_Power_supply_F1
  • 12010_F_03_Plank_F2
  • 12010_F_04_Guard_cover_F2
  • 12010_F_04_Guard_cover_F2_pattern
  • 12010_F_05_Guard_cover_F3
  • 12010_F_05_Guard_cover_F3_pattern
  • 12010_F_06_The_grounding_pin_F1
  • 12010_F_manufacturing_pattern_DXF (3.12 MB) Jiri Trdlicka, 11/05/2012 09:48

Robot_assembly_presentation_v1.0.pdf (855 KB) Jiri Trdlicka, 11/05/2012 09:48

12010_00_04_Robot.pdf (1.02 MB) Jiri Trdlicka, 02/14/2013 17:49

12010_B_00_Stereo_head_holder _02.pdf (172 KB) Jiri Trdlicka, 02/14/2013 17:49

12010_H_01_Caliber_H1.pdf (46.9 KB) Vaclav Jahoda, 03/28/2013 11:53

12010_H_01_Caliber_H1_colour.pdf (132 KB) Vaclav Jahoda, 03/28/2013 11:58

12010_F_00_01_Power_supply_F1.pdf (289 KB) Vaclav Jahoda, 04/02/2013 12:20

12010_F_03_Plank_F2.pdf (17.8 KB) Vaclav Jahoda, 04/02/2013 12:21

12010_F_04_Guard_cover_F2.pdf (749 KB) Vaclav Jahoda, 04/02/2013 12:21

12010_F_04_Guard_cover_F2_pattern.pdf (18.2 KB) Vaclav Jahoda, 04/02/2013 12:21

12010_F_05_Guard_cover_F3.pdf (22.8 KB) Vaclav Jahoda, 04/02/2013 12:22

12010_F_05_Guard_cover_F3_pattern.pdf (13.5 KB) Vaclav Jahoda, 04/02/2013 12:22

12010_F_06_The_grounding_pin_F1.pdf (13.3 KB) Vaclav Jahoda, 04/02/2013 12:23

12010_F_manufacturing_pattern_DXF.rar (100 KB) Vaclav Jahoda, 04/02/2013 12:27