CERTH PickUp Package

This package allows the robot to pickup a garment from a table. Initially the arm will move so that the table is visible from the attached camera.
Then it will locate the garment and zoom on it. Finally key points associated with ridges will be detected and scored. The robot will try to pick the keypoint
with the highest score. It will then check using vision whether the grasp was succesfull. If not it will try again with the next point until all points are checked or
time out has elapsed.

You may run it by:

roslaunch certh_pickup pickup_service.launch

which will expose the /pickup service.

The service takes as input a timeout and returns a status that should be 0 if lifting the garment was succesfull.

Additional parameters for the node are the arm id /arm (default: r2) and the table id /table (default: t2).


roslaunch clopema_launch start_robot.launch
roslaunch certh_launch xtion2.launch
roslaunch certh_launch xtion2service.launch