Cabling and Cable Conduits

Cabling between turn-table base (first link) and top of the turn-table (second link)

One has to provide cables between robot controller and robot arms and auxiliary cables like from PC to robot sensors etc.

The cables are divided into two groups. First group contains cables which fit into the central hole of the turn-table. Those cables are going from controller through one of the openings of the turn-table base (table_openning_and_cables_at_back.JPG) and through the central hole (central_hole.JPG). We have moved the fixed cables for the turn_table from the left side to the right side opening to fit arrangement in our lab. Remember that one should put there the thick cables with bulky connector first and thin cables afterward.

The cables which do not fit into central hole (in our case the both power cables and one sensor cable of the robot arms) should go directly to the floor. We have found that attaching them to the stick connected to the turn-table top (table_openning_and_cables_at_back.JPG) and freely lying them to the floor suffices for rotation around +- 120 degrees turn table rotation which seems to be sufficient for the project.

Cabling between robot arm base (second link) and third link

Cabling between robot arm base (second link) and third link

Cabling between third link and fifth link and between fifth and seventh link

Besides user cables prepared by manufacturer going from robot base (link 0) to link 3 we purchased external user conduit for cabling from link 1 to link 6 (robot flange).

The conduit is from Reiku
The clamps are PASSB-36K, the clamp jaws are PAMBB-36 (rotating) and PAGLB-36 (sliding). The conduit itself is PURRB-36G.

We decided to use it in two separate pieces, one from link 3 to link 5 and another piece from link 5 to link 7.

The lower part is attached by four clamps, one sliding and three rotating per robot arm as visible in the left figure. The one sliding is used as one of the two clamps attached to the fifth link. The lower part length is about 150 cm long.

The lower part is attached by two M4 screws to the link five, two clamps are mounted by original Motoman screws on link four and one clamp is attached by one M5 screw to the link three. One needs right washers to get a firm connection. (ClampLink1.jpg)

The upper part of the conduit is 70 cm long. It is firmly attached to the 6th link by manufactured metal cross and plastic sleeve and it is passing freely through 4th link through plastic bushing.

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