CloPeMa Stack

A major software versions of the CloPeMa Stack are reported on this page. The aim of the CloPeMa Stack is to maintain relatively stable releases of the CloPeMa code. The stack is a single git repository containing a specific versions of the clopema ROS packages as a git submodules. The installation is describe in CloPeMa Repositories. Note that the CloPeMa Stack is no actually a ROS stack but more of a ROS workspace. There is a actualised list of required dependencies CloPeMa Stack Dependencies.

CloPeMa Stack v7.2

CloPeMa Stack v6.0

CloPeMa Stack v5.0

CloPeMa Stack v4.0

CloPeMa Stack v3.0

CloPeMa Stack v2.0

CloPeMa Stack v1.0

  • Initial stack release

Attached files

clopema_v3_0.out - CloPeMa v3.0 firmware (146 KB) Libor Wagner, 02/19/2013 09:55

clopema_v7_0.out (147 KB) Libor Wagner, 05/16/2013 09:05

clopema_v7_1.out (147 KB) Libor Wagner, 07/08/2013 11:44

clopema_v7_2.out (147 KB) Libor Wagner, 07/10/2013 09:48