Clopema config

CloPeMa Launch-files

This package contains high-level configuration of the CloPeMa testbed.

Site specific configuration

Each partner have it's clopema_XXX.launch configuration file, where the localised configuration is done. The main file that should be included in every launch-able lunch-file is clopema.launch and it uses environment variable CLOPEMA_PARTNER to select which clopema_XXX.launch will be included. If this variable is not set an error is raised and launch will fail. The CLOPEMA_PARTNER should include a abbreviation in upper case letters (i.e. CVUT). To make this change permanent place one of the filowing lines into your .bashrc:


The clopema.launch should be included in all launch files, like so:

<include file="$(find clopema_config)/launch/clopema.launch"/>

I you are introducing some site specific parameter that the other partners needs to change. Make it a ROS parameter and add argument without default value to the clopema_config.launch and copy this parameter to the appropriate place.

Site specific parameters

  • robot_ip: The ip address of the robot on local network.
  • r1_xtion_port, r2_xtion_port The port of the Xtion on the 1. and 2. robot, for example 2@0 is the xtion on the 2. bus.
  • r1_gripper_inverted, r2_gripper_inverted: This parameter controls whether the gripper is inverted, i.e. whether the gripper opens when the shunk opens or opposite.

Configuration node

As some of the peripherals such as depth sensors and the cameras are connected through usb and their address can change, we have prepared a simple node which can found a device on the usb bus based on the serial, vendor or product id. The vendor and product id is useful as for example the Xtion sensor does not provide its serial id. To be able to select the right sensor one must connect the Xtions to different busses, the device is then found on the specified bus by the vendor and product id.

Hand eye calibration

The file handeye_calibration.launch must be included in launch files to make hand eye calibration folder visible from the nodes.
Note: It is already included in xtions launch files and in launch file providing calibration images capturing.

  • <param name="clopema_calibration/handeye/folder" value="clopema_calibration/handeye"/>