Clopema force (package)

This package contains matlab programs for processing with data from net F/T sensor and experiments on it.

Experiment 1 offests

Data: Experiment1_offsets.mat
Program: centroid_get_offsets.m

Experiment 2 trams

Data: Experiment2_trams.mat
Program: graph_data1.m (its need sets frequency at 100 Hz in graph_data1.m)

Experiment 3 filters

Data: Experiment3_filters.mat
Program: call_pyramid.m Set whichone of data you want in this program
pyramida2.m Processing the data

Experiment 4 stamp

Data: Experiment4_stamp.mat
Program: graph_data1.m (its need sets frequency at 7000 Hz in graph_data1.m)

All of programs are in src/clopema_cvut/clopema_force/matlab/

Moving robot with twine

This demo are moving the robot arm from force performed on the gripper

1) Tie the twine on robot 2 gripper.
2) Start robot.
3) Launch move_real.launch from clopema_force and after set both arms to initial position close it.

roslaunch clopema_force move_real.launch 

4) Launch sensor drivers force_sensor.launch from clopema_force.
 roslaunch clopema_force force_sensors.launch rate:=7000 

5) Now again launch move_real.launch from clopema_force.
roslaunch clopema_force move_real.launch 

6) If you want to start simulator, which are moving robot from keyboard input launch simluator.launch from clopema_force
roslaunch clopema_force simulator.launch

Experiment1_offsets.mat (4.25 MB) Jan Kubeš, 10/03/2013 11:56

Experiment2_trams.mat (6.07 MB) Jan Kubeš, 10/03/2013 11:57

Experiment3_filters.mat (234 MB) Jan Kubeš, 10/03/2013 11:59

Experiment4_stamp.mat (7.8 MB) Jan Kubeš, 10/03/2013 11:59