CloPeMa Perception Grasp (Package)

Non Maxima Suppression (PCL Class and Nodelet)


Concavity Estimation (PCL Class, Node, Nodelet)

Concavity estimation is a feature that for each point in a point-cloud computes kind of measure which is higher for hills and smaller for valleys. The main algorithm is in the PCL class -- pcl::ConcavityEstimation. The algorithm is then wrapped in the in ROS nodelet -- clopema_perception_grasp/ConcavityEstimation. Usage is demonstrated in source:clopema-perception-grasp|launch/tests/test_concavity_estimation_bag.launch.

PlaneCut (PCL Class, Nodelet and node)

The plane cut node and nodelt crops a PointCould by an arbitrary plane, defined by a point, normal vector and a frame of this plane. The plane is then transformed into frame of the point cloud and all points in the oposite direction if the normal vector are removed (this behaviour can be inverted). The source:clopema-perception-grasp|launch/test_planecut.launch demonstrates the usage of both node and nodelet. See also source:clopema-perception-launch|launch/extract_workspace.launch.


  • plane_point: Point on a cutting plane.
  • plane_normal: Normal of the cutting plane.
  • plane_frame: Frame name of a cutting plane.