DIO connection of DX-100 and robot platform

  • The wiring and its scheme between SCHUNK gripper and DX-100 controller are in the attached files.
  • The gripper operates on the power supply from the robot controller and all its digital inputs and outputs are connected. Analog inputs and outputs are ignored as our DX-100 unit has neither analog inputs nor outputs. The gripper is connected via its controller MEG C-64 to the Connector for the internal user I/O wiring harness on the robot Shoulder.
  • We'd to bought 64 pin HAN24B connector which parts and order numbers are in attached file. Also we've bought 32 wire cabel and patch panel which is attached to the robot.
  • The cable could be something like http://www.ddacables.com/katalog/pdf/paar-liycy.pdf, we used 16 pairs of 0.5 mm2 but thinner could be useful as well.
  • There is a temporary connection of the Neovision calibration target, which is powered by 24 Volts/150 mA and should be powered for short periods only (in the range of seconds). The connection is to the OUT17 (DX100 address 10030), OUT17 set to 1 is light on. The electrical wiring is from connector 711-XS4 in DX100 (pins B8 (signal in 24V logic) and A16 - 0V) to the Harting connector (pins C10 and D10) through the wire (wires yellow/grey and green/gray) to the robot switch panel, cable through the arm (wires yellow and green) to the calibration target (wires brown and blue). During installation, there was temporarily disconnected the wire from the B8 pin in XS4. It is labeled and should be reconnected again.

Scheme_MEGC64-DX100.pdf (417 KB) Jan Jerabek, 12/13/2012 22:25

Wiring_MEGC64-DX100.pdf (68.8 KB) Jan Jerabek, 12/13/2012 22:26

Wiring_MEGC64-DX100.xls (19.5 KB) Jan Jerabek, 12/13/2012 22:27

cable.pdf (35.8 KB) Jan Jerabek, 12/13/2012 22:32

Bill_of_materials.pdf (65.4 KB) Jan Jerabek, 12/16/2012 19:00

Bill_of_materials.doc (30 KB) Jan Jerabek, 12/18/2012 17:10