DX100 New Driver Notes

Controller side

Several changes had to be done to support dual arm controll in ROS-I, including group organization in controller and source code modification as well.


Teach Pendant ChangeList

  • Add group R1+S1 from teach pendant (require Maintaince mode)

Source Code ChangeList

  • Parallel inform jobs for each group (R1+S1 and R2)
  • In Ros_CtrlGroup_Create maxSpeedRad is converted to be always positive
  • In MotionServer speed check changed from 'abs' to 'fabs'
  • Added SetPowerOff in StopTrajMode function
  • Station1 (Station2) added into comunication area of first (second) robot in Ros_MotionServer_IncMoveLoopStart

PC side