Dotmatrix Detector

Dotmatrix library is provided by NEO as closed source. The rest is imlemented at CVUT. The responsible person is Libor Wagner.

Dotmatrix Matlab Wrapper


Dotmatrix ROS Wrapper

The ROS wrapper implements Dotmatrix class that wraps the libdotmatrix functions int ROS friendly interface.

#include <clopema_calibration/dotmatrix_ros.h>

As reference see clopema_calibration/src_cpp/dotmatrix_srv.cpp.

Dotmatrix Messages


clopema_calibration/DotmatrixDot[] dots


float64 imcol
float64 imrow
float64 imarea
float64 gaugecol
float64 gaugerow

Dotmatrix Service

Dotmatrix service uses ROS wrapper to provide dotmatrix functionality into ROS infrastructure.

To start the dotmatrix service with default configuration:

$ roslaunch clopema_calibration dotmatrix_srv.launch

To start the dotmatrix service with different configuration:

$ rosrun clopema_calibration dotmatrix_srv _algorithm:=algorithm_1.dma _gauge:=gauge30x30.gdf

To start the dotmatrix service with dynamic reconfigure server, just omit the _algorithm parameter:

$ rosrun clopema_calibration dotmatrix_srv _gauge:=gauge30x30.gdf

Note that the parameters on parameter server are persistent, therefore one must delete the previously set _algorithm in order to start the dynamic reconfigure server.