Responsible partner: CVUT


Folding consist of predefined sequence of movement.
The rgb image from the first xtion is used to segment the garment and to fit the garment model.
After the segmentation is done all folding steps are computed to check whether folding is possible.
The segmentation is done after each fold because of possibility of garment movement during the fold.


  • The garment is flat and lying on the table specified in the request.
  • The table is in the front of the robot (i.e. the x-axis of the turntable point on the table).


  1. garment_type (string)
    - specify the type of the garment { tshirt, towel, trousers, shorts }
  2. table_desk (string)
    - the name of the table desk frame where garment is located


  1. success (bool)
    - action completed successfully { true, false }
  2. error_message (string)
    - description of error, if success = false

Failure conditions, recovery from failure

Performance / robustness indicators