Garment presence detection

Optical recognition

Services for detection of garment presence is provided by node gripper_holding in clopema_gripper package.

Services are:
  • r1_gripper/is_holding
  • r2_gripper/is_holding

Type of the service is clopema_gripper/OpticalClassification.srv

There is no input and service returns bool if gripper is holding something or not.

To launch rosservice type:

$ rosrun clopema_gripper 

Example of use in python:

import rospy
from clopema_gripper.srv import OpticalClassification
rospy.ServiceProxy('/r1_gripper/is_holding', OpticalClassification)

Gripper has to be closed for garment presence recognition.

More information about sensor and results of tactile recognition is written inside tactileSensor.pdf file.

tactileSensor.pdf (114 KB) Vojtech Salansky, 07/10/2014 16:05