Git Workflow

This is a simple git workflow description targeted to clopema developers.

The simplest usage for CloPeMa Repositories

First of all you must get some repository, this is done by git clone command. Or you can use the rosws (see CloPeMa Repositories).

$ git clone

Then you can start add or edit files in the repository. When you thing that some compact part of the code is done you can add changes to the staging area by git add and commit them by git commit. You should commit quite often. These commits are local, that means they are not currently visible for other developers.

$ git add .
$ git commit

When you thing that the peace of the code you have implemented is ready to post to other developers, you can push the changes to the shared repository. Before you do that you should pull changes made by others an rebase your master branch to the origin (shared repository), this will try to automatically put all changes you have made on top of the changes by others. When there are some conflicts you will be asked to resolve them. The you can safely push your changes to the shared repository.

$ git pull
$ git rebase origin/master
... resolve conflicts if any
$ git push