HW Installation Checklist

  1. Motoman robot installation (robot is after installation moving via teach pendant control) (use Motoman installation manuals)
  2. PC with ROS connection to robot
  3. Cover of turn-table attaching screws (dual arm only)
  4. Cabling and Cable Conduits installation
  5. Asus Xtion installation on arms, see Additional Robot Parts
  6. Stereo head stand installation Additional Robot Parts (dual arm only)
  7. Gripper Mechanical Assembly
  8. DIO connection of DX-100 and robot platform
  9. Power supply installation (CTU version should be either adapted to local safety regulations or improvised
    from power supplies of individual components: grippers (could be power supplied from DX-100), Nikon cameras, pan tilt units, mini PC).
  10. Stereo head installation, see Additional Robot Parts (dual arm only)
  11. Working table installation (dual arm only) CTU CloPeMa Testbed, section Tables, Additional Robot Parts