Instalation of CERTH stack


Install Hydro and CloPeMa packages as described here.

Install CERTH repository

The repository is currently on a private git server so send as your public keys to provide you access.

Inside your workspace

Edit your ".rosinstall" file in your Hydro workspace (src/ folder) and append the following text

- git: {local-name: clopema_certh, uri: '', version: master}

then run:

wstool update

To receive updated code go to src folder and run:
wstool update

or go to clopema_certh folder and run:
git pull origin master

In the root folder of your workspace, run:


As an overlay

mkdir ~/clopema_certh_ros 
mkdir ~/clopema_certh_ros/src
cd ~/clopema_certh_ros/src
wstool init
wstool set clopema_certh --confirm --git
wstool update
cd ~/clopema_certh_ros/src
cd ..
source <your_clopema_ws>/devel/setup.bash

Then for the packages to become visible run:

source ~/clopema_certh_ros/devel/setup.bash

Place the command in your .bashrc

Setup cameras

See here.


We use a coordinate frame called torso_link that follows the robot torso movement (ext axis). You need to define this either in your robot xacro file:

<link name="torso_link"/>
<joint name="torso_link_f" type="fixed">
  <child link="torso_link"/>
  <parent link="r750"/>
  <origin xyz="0 0 -0.51" rpy="0 0 ${PI/2}"/>

or by publishing an associated static trasform.