Introduction, Redmine our software tool

There is a need to plan/organize/report the project work in several directions. (1) subject-line; (2) time-line; (3) team-line; (4) across subject/team line (called often a horizontal collaboration in a matrix-like management structure). Vasek Hlavac's goal is to support project managerial activities by a software tool. The managerial software environment should be easy, lightweight, visible to the project team. The managerial software environment should support collaboration between individuals and teams.

Redmine software tool was selected and suggested for the project management by Vasek Hlavac after consulting with several other colleagues, mainly Jan Sochman. Redmine is a web-based open software tool developed originally for managing software development projects. However, success with Redmine was reported in a more general project management.

CloPeMa CTU Prague team has started using Redmine at the technological level by Libor Wagner and Vladimir Smutny since 2013. Vasek Hlavac has started tailoring Redmine for a more general project management since January 2014.

Redmine can be adapted to serve needs of a specific project. Extending Issue Tracking module by a project-specific concepts is the way how to achieve it. A Redmine issue has two attributes which will us here. The Tracker (determines the type of the issue) and its more specific property named Issue category will help us. Both mentioned attributes basically serve for filtering the expected issues from the set of all issues. Both Trackers and Issue categories are specified categorically, i.e. by selecting one or more options from the list of options. These list of options can be extended according to our needs.

The coming text deals with terminology. It serves for the concepts demarcation which is needed both for clarity and for avoiding confusions with terms having multiple meanings in our context. The selected terms will serve as Trackers and Issue categories instances.

Responsible Vasek Hlavac (c),