Photometic stereo - material recognition

Responsible partner: CERTH


Recognizing of garment material.


  • The photometric stereo should be calibrated and mounted on the robot on the r2 gripper.



  1. material (string)
    - material of garment { wool, silk, towel}

Failure conditions, recovery from failure

  • Unable to access Camera and Arduino port.
    - $sudo chmod 666 /dev/videoX and $sudo chmod 666 /dev/ttyUSBX
  • Capture is out of focus and not sharp.
    - Adjust the
  • Photometric stereo is not working stable
    - Check whether or not the usb cable is over 4-5m, or it has low quality. This could mean signal attenuation with unpredictable errors.

Performance / robustness indicators

  • Time consumption: ~30 seconds