PickUp using RobotHead

Responsible partner: UG


Grasping of clothes from the table using RobotHead (from the top by grasping of detected clothes peak)


  • Cameras drivers are installed properly.
  • PTU (Pan-Tilt units) drivers are installed properly.
  • Cameras are turned on.
  • RobotHead camera nodes are running.
  • RobotHead PTU, feature extraction and vergence nodes are running.
  • Matcher node is running.
  • Position of table, from which is clothes picked up (especially its height), has to be precisely calibrated because of potencially very small distance of gripper from this table.
  • RobotHead has to be calibrated for the same reason like in previous point.


  1. arm (string)
    - specify used arm (and appropriate xtion) { r1, r2 }
  2. table (string)
    - the name of the table desk where garment is located { t1, t2, t3 }


  1. success (bool)
    - action completed successfully { true, false }
  2. error_message (string)
    - description of error, if success = false

Failure conditions, recovery from failure

Performance / robustness indicators