Principles of work planning and reporting

We divide the work (e.g. for CloPeMa project at CTU Prague) on the higher-level into Assignments. The Assignment corresponds to a well outlined larger piece work, e.g. the migration of CloPeMa web page from Glasgow to Prague. Assignments can be further divided into Jobs. The Job is a well outlined smaller piece of work contributing to one or more Assignments, e.g. creating a Word Press environment for CloPeMa web page at the CTU Prague server.

The higher-level work specification, planning and reporting is not much formalized and constrained. It is edited as a free text using Redmine wiki on the dedicated Wiki page. Vasek Hlavac prepared pre-arranged text files serving as templates for planning/reporting. The aim of the template is to unify the text and allow the user to orient quickly in the descriptions wrote by other peoplw.

The responsible person for the particular work and the assignee will specify the planned work collaboratively in a narrative manner on the Wiki page by filling in the template files. These narrative higher-level descriptions will be used to create a more formalized lower-level chunks of work named Assignments which are represented in Redmine as Issues with Tracker value Assignment. If there is a need to decompose a particular Assignment into smaller chunks of work then Issue with Tracker value Job serve the purpose.

Both Assignments and Jobs are reflected in Redmine as Issues. After the planning is finished, the work is divided in Redmine into Assignments and potentially into Jobs at a smaller granularity. The related Issues will be created in Redmine. The Issue is given a Tracker attribute, either Assignment or Job. Both Attributes and Issues will be given more specific Issue category (e.g. development, documenting, overhead, research, testing). The particular Issue will be updated during its lifespan by the assignee or other involved people.

The assignee of the Assignment or the Job will be updating the corresponding Redmine issue as the particular work progresses. After the Assignment/Job is finished or after the time period set for the Assignment/Job, the assignee is supposed to report the performed work and results using Redmine wiki. The reporting template will be used and filled in by the data reflecting the work and results in a particular Assignment/Job.

The basic project planning/reporting period is one month because salaries are calculated in this period of time. The next longer term planning period might be several months, typically a quarter of a year. After the work is finished or the reporting period expires, its outcome, potential problems, hints have to be reported and stored for the further managerial use.

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