Putting on the table

Responsible partner: CVUT / NEO


Putting of unfolded garment on the table (over the table edge)


  • The table is in the front of the robot (i.e. the x-axis of the turntable point on the table).
  • if holding parameter is set to true, the garment has to be held by both grippers before start of this action.


  1. table_desk (string)
    - the name of the table desk where the garment will be put on { t1, t2, t3 }
  2. holding (bool)
    - if the garment is held by both grippers before start of this action { true, false }
    • true - garment is held by both grippers
    • false - garment has to be manually inserted into grippers which are closed by pressing on on of them
  3. start_garment_size (float)
    - initial distance between grippers in meters before manual holding (used only in case that garment is not held by both grippers - holding=false)
  4. spread (bool)
    - if the force sensor is used for spreading of the garment before putting on the table { true, false }
  5. table_distance (float)
    - final distance between clothes on the table to the robot base_link in meters


  1. success (bool)
    - action completed successfully { true, false }
  2. error_message (string)
    - description of error, if success = false

Failure conditions, recovery from failure

  • Garment not gripped after calling "manual_holding function"
  • Garment not spread
  • Trajectory for putting of garment on the table not planned
  • Planned trajectory not executed

Performance / robustness indicators