Maintainer: Gerardo Aragon-Camarasa

1. Overview

This package contains assorted functions for stereo vision. Specifically, nodes for generating point clouds and rectify images (uncalibrated case) are included.

2. Nodes

2.1 RHpoint_cloud

Computes a point cloud if only the cameras have been calibrated using RH_calibration. The number of triangulated points will equal to the width by height (area of the image) used.

2.1.1 Subscribed Topics

Main topic message where captured images are transmitted.

Contains the camera calibration(if calibrated) and extra data about the camera configuration for the left and right images, respectively.

Topics where the horizontal and vertical disparities, respectively, are transmitted. Disparity images are encoded as CV_32FC1 and with the same size as the incoming images.

2.1.2 Published Topics

Raw point cloud computed from the CloPeMa robot head. Its format is "pcl::PointCloud<pcl::PointXYZRGB>". Triangulated points are with reference to the left camera.

2.2 RHstereo_rectifyUncal

This node rectifies a pair of stereo images using a uncalibrated approach (i.e. by finding the fundamental matrix between features and estimate).

2.2.1 Subscribed Topics

Main topic message where captured images are transmitted.

Topic message where SIFT features, descriptors for the left and right camera are published. SIFT matches between images are only attached to the left camera. Matching is performed on the GPU.

2.2.2 Published Topics

Topic message where rectified messages are published.

3. Launch Files

3.1 RH_stereoRectifyUnCal.launch

This launch file demonstrates the stereo rectification node using test data. It loads RH_siftgpu, RH_cameras and RH_stereoAddOns.

It is required to set the path of two set of images within the launch file.