RHcalibration (OBSOLETE)

This node implements standard OpenCV mono and stereo camera calibration procedures and, also, Tsai's camera/hand-eye calibration. This node utilises tf to find the transformation while performing hand-eye calibration between the camera frame and the base of the CloPeMa robot head.

2.1.1 Subscribed Topics

Main topic message where captured images are transmitted.

2.1.2 Published Topics

Topic that contains the acquisition command and synchronization parameters.

PTU positions in radians. This is used to command the PTU units to move to the desired position.

2.1.3 Services Called

Sets camera calibration parameters and extra data about the camera configuration for the left and right images, respectively.

Gets the current state of the PTU units in radians.

2.1.4 Parameters

  • /PTU/stepsPerPixelX (double)
  • /PTU/stepsPerPixelY (double)

Steps per pixel ratio in X and Y axes, respectively, as described in Actuator calibration MATLAB functions.

  • /PTU/pan_left_res (double)
  • /PTU/tilt_left_res (double)
  • /PTU/pan_right_res (double)
  • /PTU/tilt_right_res (double)

Resolution of the pan and tilt units.

  • /CAM/capturemode (float)

This controls the capturing mode of the cameras. "0" indicates full resolution mode (16 MP) whereas "1", preview mode (VGA resolution). If it is not set, "RHcam_left" node sets it to the mode given in the message "/RH/cmd/acquire".

  • /RH/calibration/input (string)

XML file where camera and hand-eye calibration parameters are set. An example of this file can be found here calibration_input.xml

2.1.5 tf joints

  • left_to_pan
  • left_to_tilt
  • right_to_pan
  • right_to_tilt
  • left_tilt_optic
  • right_tilt_optic
  • left_base
  • right_base

Link names as defined in the XACRO script of the robot head located at the RH_ptu package.