ROS nodes for calibration data measurement

All nodes are stored in package clopema_calibration on git branch "redcam".

roscd clopema_calibration
git pull
git checkout redcam

If you want to have collision model of redcam holder integrated, also package clopema_description have to by switch to redcam branch.

To integrate redcam into ros just type following command into terminal. All settings for redcam are stored in this launch file.

roslaunch clopema_calibration redcam_planner.launch

Available settings:
--data capture settings--
redcam/graph/folder - folder where graph (nodes.csv, edges.csv, path.csv) is created or expected depending on node which is running
redcam/graph/num_steps - number of steps for each joint used to create graph (node redcam_create_graph)
redcam/measurement/sparse - file where calibration data are stored (only one measurement per target position)
redcam/measurement/dense - file where calibration data are stored (the positions during the whole experiment)

--redcam collision settings--
redcam_base_frame - frame (defined in robot_description parameter) where redcam is connected with magnet
redcam_ee_frame - frame where spherical joint is connected (frame must be defined in robot_description parameter)
tf transformation /redcam_base_frame -> /redcam_base_link  - relative transformation between base frame and redcam frame 
tf transformation /redcam_ee_frame -> /redcam_ee_link  - relative transformation between end effector frame and redcam end effector frame 

Process of calibration data capturing:
  • Node: redcam_create_graph
    This node create graph in folder defined by parameter 'redcam/graph/folder'.
    The edges.csv and nodes.csv will be created. The created graph is also published as visualization markers to rviz.
  • Matlab: generate path
    Using matlab generate path in the graph clopema_calibration.
  • Node: redcam_execute_path
    Execute path created in previous step.
    Execution process:
    • Go to the start point defined in path (without mounted redcam).
    • Connect redcam to the robot and press enter to start path execution.
    • Wait until whole path is completed. The captured data for calibration will be stored in files defined by parameter 'redcam/measurement/*.csv'