Reporting template

What to do with the reporting template?

Seek the relevant position in the higher-level narrative part of planning/reporting Wiki page specific for the project solved. Copy there the reporting template below and fill it in.


Assignment/job name Dummy assignment/job name
Reporting person Dummy name surname
Reported work team Dummy names and surnames
Reporting to Dummy name surname
Date of reporting Dummy date

Description of the performed work

Describe briefly the performed work.

Redmine imprint of the work

Describe which Redmine Issue(s) implemented the reported work.

Implementation recitals

Describe briefly the work implementation.

Related work

Describe briefly related work. If you build on top of the result of someone, specify it.

References, links

Give relevant references and links used while performing the work.

Created outcome description

Describe briefly the outcome of the work.

Resources used

Describe used resources, e.g. personnel, personnel costs, needed purchases and other costs, needed cooperation with others, etc.

Time used

Report the time used.

Deviations from the plan

Describe potential deviations from the plan. What to do with it?

General comments

Provide other relevant comments. This is the space for hints and new ideas to be communicated to the project managers and other project team members.

Responsible Vasek Hlavac (c),