Set servo power off

Additional information and bug tracker can be found in issue #30.

Servo power is turn on automatically when trajectory is received by the controller. To turn it off we have to call service /joint_trajectory_action/set_power_off. The service has one input parameter force, which is set to false by default (if called from c++). If it set to true servo power is turn off immediately and active goal in joint_trajectory_action server is canceled. Otherwise server wait until current goal is completed and then set power off.

Calling service from terminal

rosservice call /joint_trajectory_action/set_power_off false

Calling service from c++

clopema_motoros::SetPowerOff soff;
soff.request.force = false;
if (!ros::service::call("/joint_trajectory_action/set_power_off", soff)) {
    ROS_ERROR("Can't call service set_power_off");
    return -1;
} else {