Software Installation

Warning: This page contain sensitive information -- maintenance mode password. Therefore, it is kept private.

The following steps are necessary to prepare robot to communicate with ROS.
  1. Check firmware version, upgrade/downgrade if necessary.
  2. Increase the number of allowed tasks.
  3. Install the application.

Check firmware version

  • Start the controller if not running.
  • In main menu select [SYSTEM INFO] and then [VERSION] the screen should look like this:
SYSTEM    : DS1.62.00A(US/DE)-03
MODEL     : MA01400-B0*/MA01400-B0*
LANGUAGE  :  1.62-03-00 / 1.63-14-00

YCP01        1.62.00       --------      D2.00
YPP01        1.42-00       1.10-00        1.02
EAXA*#0      1.55-03       2.01           1.04-00/ 1.04-00
EAXA*#1      1.55-03       2.01           1.04-00/ 1.04-00
  • Probably only important number is the "-03" and the end of SYSTEM line, if there is something else continue with next step, otherwise skip to next section.
  • Follow the instruction in the attached file To Upgrade System Software.doc
    The archive with the required version is in repository:

Increase the number of allowed tasks (get ALL.PRM)

  • In main menu touch [EX. MEMORY] > [SAVE]
  • In the window select [PARAMETER] then [BATCH PARAMETER] ALL.PRM (a star should appear next to the option)
  • Push [ENTER] and confirm the dialog to save.
  • Send this file to Libor Wagner
  • To upload the modified ALL.PRM
  • Save it on the USB flash
  • Change to management mode [MAIN MENU]> [SYSTEM INFO] > [SECURITY] > Change to management > enter password
  • And on pendant select [MAIN MENU] > [EX.MEMORY] > [LOAD] > [PARAMETER] > [BATCH PARAMETER]

Install the application

  • Boot into maintenance mode:
    • Turn off the controller if running.
    • Turn the controller on while holding [MAIN MENU] on pendant.
    • Hold [MAIN MENU] until beep.
    • Wait for controller to boot.
  • Switch to the management mode:
    • In main menu touch [SYSTEM] > [SECURITY]
    • Type in password (default 99999999)
  • Install the application
    • Note: the app filename must not contain additional dots!
    • Download the latest firmware version from CloPeMa Stack and copy it to a USB flash or CF card.
    • Connect USB/CF to the pendant
    • In main menu touch [MotoPlus APL.] > [DEVICE]
    • Select USB or CF
    • In main menu touch [MotoPlus APL.] > [LOAD (USER APPLICATION)]
    • In the window select clopema_main.out and press [ENTER] on pendant.
    • Confirm all messages and you are done.

Upload INFORM jobs

The last step is to upload a set of INFORM jobs that are used by the firmware.

  • Download, unzip on a USB Flash and it to the pendant
  • Boot the controller in normal mode (without the [Maim Menu] pressed)
  • Select [Ext. Media] in the main menu (in the next screen)
  • Select [Load]
  • Select [JOB]
  • Mark each jbi file from the archive (a star should appear next to it)
  • Press [ENTER]
  • The jobs should be now uploaded

Attached files:

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