Technological Stuff

Final Review

- Final Review Demos and Videos Timings


- HW Installation Checklist
- SW Installation Checklist
- CTU CloPeMa Testbed
- Robot Installation

Code, Repositories and Tools

- CloPeMa Programming Guidelines
- CloPeMa Packages (Hydro)
- Tools
- Common Implementation Errors


- Reports
- External Documents

Folding Procedure


- RedCam - (CTU only) calibration check of the robot accuracy
- Asus Xtion calibration - Asus camera and range finder calibration of inner parameters and Hand-Eye calibration
- DH notation of Motoman MA1400 - Documents describing how DH notation was designed for our robot
- ATI Mini45 FT Sensor - ATI Six-axis Force/Torque Sensor calibration files
- Calibration target on hand
- Collaborative robot calibration
- Modified Denavit Hartenberg notation
- Laser Tracker
- Comparision of calibrations


- Electrical installation
- Mechanical assembly
- Garment presence detection

Multi-sensor Fusion Group

- List of Garment Feature Detectors
- CloPeMa Sensors

Stereo head

- Pan Tilt Unit
- Clopema robothead ROS nodes

Photometric stereo sensor

- Installation instructions

Force/Torque Sensor

- ATI Mini45 FT Sensor - ATI Six-axis Force/Torque Sensor calibration files
- Documentation
- Experiments

Dynamic Garment Model

- Moving Garment Dataset


- Time Related Parameters of the Controller and Communication



- Network Configuration

Motion - executing, controlling, planning, etc.

- Robot controlling - how to start robot, read actual robot position and executing simple trajectory
- Trajectory planning - set of tutorials and basic information focused on trajectory planning
- Plan out of vision - how to plan trajectory to move arms outside the camera vision
- Smach planning


- Scenarios - scenarios which will be demonstrated on the final review, list of components used in these scenarios
- Laundry Heap - List of the garments in the "official" laundry heap

Personal Notes