Testbed setting (hydro)

This tutorial is focused on real testbed settings and it needs to be done only once for each real testbed. Which testbed is used is specified by the environment variable CLOPEMA_PARTNER.

Clopema config (PKG where ports, IP adresses and sensors settings are held)

All settings have to be specified in package clopema_config (clopema_testbed repository) in file clopema_CLOPEMA_PARTNER.launch.

MoveIt setting (Collisions, Planning)

After switching to Hydro version of ROS we started to use MoveIt package instead of arm_navigation.
MoveIt provide setup assistance (GUI) for disabling collisions between links and for specifing planning groups.
All configuration files generated by MoveIt setup assistance are stored in clopema_moveit_config package.
Partner specific settings are stored in apropriate folder in this package.
Running setup assistance for CVUT (replace CVUT with your abbreviation):

roscd clopema_moveit_config/config/
cp CVUT/clopema.srdf ./clopema.srdf
roslaunch clopema_moveit_config setup_assistant.launch
cp ./clopema.srdf CVUT/clopema.srdf