Responsible partner: CERTH


Unfold a garment that is hold by the one gripper of the robot.


  • Garment is hold in arm specified in the goal.
  • Xtion3 is running and calibrated.
  • Types of garment supported: t-shirt, trousers, shirt, shorts.
  • Xtion3 position should be that way that the view could include most of the cloth when holding it high in front of the robot.
  • For Shorts and T-shirts the view from Xtion should include all the garment, while for long sleeve shirts and trousers should include as much is possible from the upper part of the hanging cloth.
  • Robot's torso link should not be turned for the starting position with no obstacles (tables etc..) in front of the robot.


  1. armName (string)
    - specify used arm { r1, r2 } for the name of the arm that holds the cloth.


  1. clothType (int64)
    - id of the recognized garment type: { "Shirt", "Trousers", "Shorts1", "Shorts2", "T-shirt1", "T-shirt2", "Rotate" }

Failure conditions, recovery from failure

  • Xtion3 not connected
    - start / restart Xtion driver and run action again
  • Image from Xtion not captured.
    - start / restart Xtion driver and run action again
  • Keep in mind that the garment could mess with the grippers at some point due to wrong manipulation of the cloth.
    - Immediately hit the "stop servo" red button from the teach pendant otherwise the robot would stop due to mechanical interference.

Performance / robustness indicators

  • Robot is unable to grasp lowest point, due to that the length of the garment is too long, or out of the Xtions view.
    - grasp garment from some point in the middle , and try again (work in progress) .
  • Unfolding confirmation
    - robot will confirm that that the unfolding action is done successfully by matching the template of the unfolded cloth (work in progress). If it fails it will start from the beginning.
  • Time consumption: 3-7 min