Vladimír Petrík's universal measurement tools


In the Clopema project various type of measurements have to be done. Most of the measurements have the same scenario: follow predefined path - measure data - follow next path - etc. .
This package contains useful scripts, defined data types and set of examples for measuring data using predefined trajectories.
Using this tools will lead to unifed and defined data types for all experiments in the clopema project.

Measurement is divided into two parts: generating trajectories and measuring on the generated trajectories.
Dividing to the trajectory generation and measurement allow us to measure different data types repeatedly always at the same position with the same traveled path.
All already implemented data types are described in Measurement data types as well as tutorial how to add new measurement type.

Simple example

How to generate trajectories and select where data will be measured


How to measure selected data types on the pre-generated trajectories