Xtion Calibration Procedure

Calibration procedure

  • Open Terminal window and start robot
$ roslaunch clopema_launch start_robot.launch
  • In next terminal start xtion1
$ roslaunch clopema_perception_launch xtion2.launch
  • Check whether xtion sends images in rviz window
  • In next terminal start calibration node
$ rosrun clopema_calibration xtion_calibration_sm_2.py -t \calib_target_2 -x 2 --target-type 30x30

Calibration node help

$ rosrun clopema_calibration xtion_calibration_sm_2.py -h
Xtion calibration state machine. This state machine controls the process of
calibration. It executes both capturing of calibration images and offline

During the process you may be requested to obscure the IR projector and power on
the light, in order to capture IR images without the dot pattern.

xtion_calibration_sm_2.py [options]
xtion_calibration_sm_2.py -h | --help

  -t FRAME, --target FRAME    Coordinate frame id of calibration the target
  -p PATH, --path PATH        Output path
  -x XTION, --xtion XTION     Xtion (robot) number [default: 1].
  --rgb-only                  Capture only RGB images, joint states and
                                transformations and perform RGB camera
                                calibration and eye calibration.
  --ir-only                   Same as '--rgb-only' but capture only IR images.
  --capture-only              Just capture and do not perform calibration.
  --calib-only                Just run calibration.
  --target-type TTYPE         Type of the target either 21x15 or 30x30.
                                [default: 21x15]
  -h, --help                  Show this message.

Each option has its ROS counterpart starting with underscore '_' which can be
configured also through launch-file. Classical command line parameters has
precedence over ROS parameters.
Libor Wagner on April 18, 2013