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17:53 CloPeMa Feature #155 (New): Dynamic laying
The very first version of dynamic laying of the towel or t-shirt shall be examined.
17:50 CloPeMa Feature #154 (New): Stereo rig calibration
The calibration shall be modified to improve the accuracy of the stereo head. I assume following steps:
- Smutny +...
17:47 CloPeMa Feature #153 (New): Compliant robot - mass in viscous material emulation
The emulation of the mass moving in viscous material is the possible next generation of the compliant robot, that is ...
17:43 CloPeMa Feature #152 (Closed): New Motoman driver
The new driver for DX-100 allowing velocity control. Could be also used for compliant robot motion.
The work suppo...
10:59 CloPeMa Feature #151 (New): String hanging
Skill proposed during Glasgow meeting.
10:57 CloPeMa Feature #150 (New): Concertina folding
The skill proposed during Glasgow meeting. It is modification of the g-fold. It should become a standard folding meth...


17:10 CloPeMa Feature #149 (New): Install new planning algorithm on all computers
The developed meta-algorithm installed on one CVUT computer shall be installed on all computers in CVUT lab.
When s...
17:01 CloPeMa Feature #95 (Closed): Disable Xtion projector.
Shall be closed already
17:00 CloPeMa Feature #142: Mechanical calibration, its application, evaluation, and verification
The tasks listed above are done.
The Glasgow robot has to be calibrated. It seems that its inaccuracy is in the simi...
16:53 CloPeMa Assignment #143 (Closed): Force sensor - implementation
The job is done, no more additions can be expected by Jan Kubes.

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