Grasp Point Detection

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Grasp Point Detection


Histogram of polar coordinates

Implemented in #81.

see Ramisa at al..


Another option is to use concavity,

Principal curvature


Determining Where to Grasp Cloth Using Depth Information, Ramisa at al.

Ramisa at al. uses a three finger gripper, therefore, they seek hill like points. Their method use a histogram of a polar coordinates of points from some neighbourhood. The histogram is then measured by entropy. The disadvantage is that the valleys have also high response.

This approach was implemented in #81.

Cloth Grasp Point Detection based on Multiple-View Geometric Cues with Application to Robotic Towel Folding, Shepard at al.

Boosted Edge Orientation Histograms for Grasping Point Detection, Lefakis at al.

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